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    Fire Alarm

We offer full service for all fire alarm systems, which includes designing, installation, upgrades and alterations.

    Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection Services

Maintaining the fire alarm system in your commercial building isn’t just a smart decision, it’s required by law. Tyfire Protection Systems makes it easy for you to be sure your fire alarm system is working properly with our comprehensive commercial fire alarm testing, repair and maintenance services.

    Work Station graphics programing

We program devices to exact location on building floor plans.

    Burglar Alarm

A burglar system is a smart investment that would reduce risk and will bring considerable peace of mine. Burglar alarm systems can be designed to protect the perimeter of an area using vibration or shock sensors or motion detectors. Multiple codes can let you control who enter where and when. If an alarm sounds a signal is sent to central monitoring station which in turn contacts key holds and authorities. Tyfire Protection Systems provides you with everything you need from the simplest to the most challenging burglar alarm systems applications.


Tyfire offers a wide variety of cameras and video surveillance products. From monitors and control keypad to digital keypad to digital video recorders and ground breaking video based human detection system.

    Door Access Control

If you have an area that need to be secured with authorized access control, a fingerprint reader, swipe card, or key pad access system is something to consider. Door access control system can l operate doors, gates, barriers and turnstiles. Tyfire supplies and install all types of door access control systems that give you total protection for your staff, your property or assets.

    Mass Notification & voice evacuation system

Emergency mass communication systems are becoming more important in today’s world. Mass notification and voice evacuation system must have the reliability and flexibility to effectively get the right message to the right people at the right time- under all emergency circumstances.

    Portable Extinguishers

Tyfire sells and inspects portable fire extinguishers.